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2021 Winning Films

Drama/scripted – 10 minutes or under

Dawn Heist

Director: Neil Walshe

Two toddlers get up early in order to raid the kitchen.

Winning Film Laurel

Documentary/Factual – 10 minutes or under

Symphony of Spheres

Director: SJ van Breda

A short poetic documentary, shot on iPhone X with FilmicPro, that attempts to show the process and the world of abstract sculptor Brendon Edwards. It is less about the facts of Brendon’s life and more about his work, his philosophy, and what he would like his art to represent.

Winning Film Laurel

Drama/scripted – over 10 minutes

The Lost Pen

Director: Beraat Gokkus

Karam is a Syrian poet and journalist in exile in France. He searches for his missing pen in the Maison des Journalistes to be able to write again.

Winning Film Laurel

Documentary/factual – over 10 minutes

Home Stream

Director: Giulia Gandini & Lily Blackham

Lily has been homeless for a year and a half. She used a phone to tell us her story.

Winning Film Laurel

Experimental & Other

Swan Lake Bath Ballet

Director: Corey Baker

27 elite dancers from around the world perform a new take on ‘Swan Lake’ from their own (filled) bath tubs. Filmed entirely remotely during COVID-19.

1 minute or under

Artisit Encounter

Artist Encounter

Director: Kevin James Thornton